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    Placing Digital at the Heart of Your Strategy is Essential

    In the very near future, every business will be a digital business. C-Suite business leaders must now make explicit choices about their strategy to win in a digital economy.

    Parity invites you to embark on a digital transformation journey as your partner, advisor and enabler. We offer a flexible boutique of technologies to reinvent your business in a digital world

    Our team of experts help your business identify its challenges and requirements, proposing the best suited solution with customisation, to accelerate your business operations through digitalisation.

    With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can tap into a connected commerce ecosystem of solutions that makes it easier to integrate and access information for smarter business decisions and greater customer satisfaction.

    Finance and Operations Vendor Reconciliation

    Parity’s Vendor Recon meets the business issue of prompt, effortless payments to suppliers. Reconciliation of supplier statements to the documents within D365 Finance and Operations allows for rapid, accurate, and efficient payment of supplier documents. Discounts and rebates can be considered when reconciling. Watch the video above to find out how.

    Fast Effortless Reconciliation | Comprehensive Reconciliation | Full Reconciliation Reporting and History | Discount and Rebate Management | Supplier Management and Workflow

    Connected Commerce

    Customer Success Story

    Watch this video to see how Parity has digitally transformed a valued client’s business (Signature Cosmetics) in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, utilising the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Parity can integrate your existing systems with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

    With the onset of COVID-19 in South Africa, Signature Cosmetics needed to quickly reprioritise its ERP and retail implementation midstream into one that immediately incorporated e-commerce. With the full support and flexibility of the Parity Software team, Signature Cosmetics morphed its F&O implementation into an e-commerce implementation on the existing platform.

    Managing Director of Signature Cosmetics Akheel Pragjee commented, “One should never waste a ‘good’ crisis. The Microsoft Dynamics platform has provided our business with amazing flexibility by allowing us to reshape our digital transformation strategy to focus on e-commerce, without having to lose the investment made in our ERP

    implementation, and still being the backbone of the commerce site. F&O is not only a full vertical solution, but one that allows us to transact across multiple channels, on a single platform.”

    We have delivered the first Microsoft e-commerce implementation in South Africa and the first Microsoft cosmetics e-store implementation globally.

    This e-commerce implementation was completed in record time, taking into account a localised payment gateway through PayFast, as well as some non-standard features like product colour swatches and customer-specific delivery location functionality.

    Why Parity

    • In the ICT industry for more than 35 years
    • Digitally enabling companies of every size and industry
    • Specialists in Commerce, ERP, F&O and CRM (CE) and provide implementation and consultation, including ongoing services for solutions
    • Propose the most appropriate solutions to meet the customer’s specific business and budget needs
    • Ensures seamless integration, a smooth rollout and ongoing success
    • Uses an agile sales approach to improve your experience and reduces time to close deals
    • Provide services to help you conceive and realise digital business transformation. These services include Catalyst, Business Value Assessments, Customer co-funding, and End Customer Investment Funds (ECIF) programmes
    • A Microsoft Gold Partner
    • Present in the following industries: Retail, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Distribution, Construction, Heavy Equipment and Property Management.

    We are not only your solution provider but your trusted digital transformation partner, advisor and enabler.

    Our Achievements

    • Gold Application Development
    • Gold Cloud Business Applications
    • Gold Data Analytics
    • Gold Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Gold Application Integration
    • Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
    • Silver Cloud Platform
    • Silver Data Platform

    ISV Partner | MEA Partner | MCC Partner | LMS (G01) | PROSCI Certified | Catalyst Certified 

    Our Products & Service Offering

    • E-commerce
    • Consulting Services in Supply Chain
    • Time and Productivity Tracking
    • Customer Engagement
    • Multi-Channel Communication
    • Thermal Scanning and Facial Recognition
    • We provide end-to-end business solutions connecting all parts – from internet of things (IoT), cloud, mobile social, artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence – to deliver a seamless, customer-friendly digital business ecosystem.

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